About Us

Few years ago, I went on a trip to kodaikanal hill station (Tamil Nadu) for summer vacation with my family & friends. At that time I saw one small wounded green Indian parrot on hill side. I was shocked and decided to take the parrot to our place. It was a very sick parrot I took heavy risk on that parrot & saved that parrots life with the help of Veterinary advice. After a long time treatment that chick’s health became good, healthy & it looked like a very beauty bird. Two months later we decided to release that parrot to Mother Nature, and as decided we did that. I Left that in a small forest nearby my home.

I released that parrot, but was not able to forget that pretty chick, became upset, I missed my chick very much and thought that I am in need of one pet, so I decided to buy a parrot with help of my friend, I went to one pet shop nearby my place searched for one great parrot like that same old one, but pet shop person he advised me to take another parrot, “Yes” he gave me cute yellow white parrot named cocktail. After seeing that beautiful bird I asked for one more parrot meaning a partner for the same parrot. In short I bought a pair of cockatiel on that day. Pet shop person told that after the birds are settled they will lay eggs. I took my new pet and came home. I was very happy at time, after reaching home made a cage by my own for my cute once, & I name them as DOODO & another one is JINGO. Very happy and enjoyed that season, I started collecting food stuffs for my dodo & jingo.

My days past, 3 months later I went to that same pet shop for buying food for my parrots, the same pet shop person asked about parrots & he advised me to arrange nest box in that cage, I collected all the detailed information how to make a nest box, after reaching home started making nest box for my cutes, few weeks later as I thought they started laying eggs and laid 4 eggs & all the four eggs hatched. I got 4 chicks on my first clutch without any mortality. This was my first experience and it`s the best experience till date.

After getting 4 Little chick, I became more crazy for birds. I started collecting more birds like finches, African love birds, java’s etc. I made cages for all these birds with my father’s support. All those birds started breeding and I got a lot of chicks. I started selling those chicks, and earned more money. I and my parents were happy and fully satisfied. Planed to put one farm for birds, that plan was also done successfully. Later stared breeding with exotic birds like Conure, African grey, Lories & Lorikeets, Pigeons, Macaw, Cockatoo etc. By that time I became popular for birds and people started buying pets like dogs, cats etc from me. Eventually I started breeding dog also. My breeding activities started which has now turned into a full fledge business. Now I am successfully breeding exotic bird’s n dogs.

Our core business is farm designing for exotic birds & dogs. We have designed and constructed small and large scale farms in and around Tamil Nadu. We have a group of specialist who are skilled in aviary construction and designing. We are specialist in out-door & in-door aviary designing.

We also give special training to birds like African Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, Lories & Lorikeets, Conure & Small birds, and we also take birds for hand feeding and rearing till they are weaned.

(Many Birds die in summer without water, so please put some water pots for thirsty birds at your Balcony, Windows, Terrace & Garden to save birds)

*Save Little Life it cost you nothing.