Preethi Farms Parrots Boarding & Training Shelters

(India's First Parrot's Boarding & Training Shelters)

We are happy to announce our new sector by the name G3 Parrot Shelters.
When you go on a holiday and need someone to take care of your loving feathered friends call G3 parrot shelters (a unit of Preethi Farms) and we'll be happy to take care of your parrots and do all your Bird Sitting for you.
We provide Basic training to all Hand Raised parrots on a regular basis.
On request we provide “Special Tricks Training” to hand tamed parrots.

Boarding includes:

We provide

Soaked seed mix.
Imported seed mix.
Health Supplement`s mixed with drinking water.
Variety to Freshly chopped seasonal fruits and vegetable mix.
Play toys for parrots.
Visual health check.
Daily cage cleaning.
Daily changing of seed and water.
For Lories & Lorikeets (fruits & imported nectar feed).
Web cam facility available for Tamed Parrots.
Wing clipping, nail clipping and bathing/showering (on request from bird owner).
G3 Bird Boarding is always happy to provide specialized diets and treats that are supplied by the caregiver.

Maintenance for Tamed Bird:

Parrot spray bathing.
Nail shaping.
Wings clipping.
Behavioral training.
Out of the cage, twice a day (with owner’s permission).

Maintenance for Hand feeding baby bird:

Feeding with special imported hand feeding formula.
Brooding in brooder temperature.
Weight check twice a day.

Our Bird's room:

Our bird rooms are vacuumed and mopped on a daily basis.
Our Parrot Shelter is disinfected from bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.
Our bird rooms are climate controlled round the year for comfort.

Birds are able to interact and hear other bird`s in the room through their cage.

What you need to bring:

Transport Cage.
Clean Water bowls and food bowls.
Your bird's favorite behavioral enrichment toys to play with during their stay.
**We will not be able to accommodate any bird's with disease or illness at our facility due to the risk of spread of infection to our birds and other boarding birds.
For more information or to make a booking:
Official Time : 11 AM to 9 PM
Call us on: +91-9787525252 / +91-8489525252
Visit us at –
**we are not open to the public on a daily basis but if you wish to see our Birds or G3 parrot shelters please contact us and schedule a visit.