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We are located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Breeder Health Guarantee:

Breeder Health Guarantee: All birds come with a 72-hour limited health guarantee. If not we will replace the bird or give a full refund on the purchase price, if proven not to be healthy at the time of sale. Once a bird leaves our home, circumstances and conditions are beyond our control, therefore we cannot guarantee the birds beyond this 72-hour period. If you’re avian veterinarian performs a health examination within the allotted time period (72 hours) and discovers a problem too costly to cure, or a problem that cannot be cured, we will replace the bird with one of the same kind or value, or buy the bird back For that you must relinquish the bird back to me with a letter from the vet explaining the nature of the illness. This letter must be on the vet’s official letter pad with vet rubber stamp seal. The bird will be replaced or a refund of the full purchase price will be made.

In the event that the bird dies within 72-hours of purchase, you must immediately refrigerate (not freeze) the bird’s body in a sealed plastic bag and deliver the death bird within 12 hours to a qualified avian vet for necropsy to determine the cause of death. If a viral disease or congenital hatch defect is determined to be the cause of death, the bird will be replaced or a refund of the full purchase price will be made. This letter must also be on the vet’s official letter pad with vet rubber stamp seal. Before getting refund the death bird photos and video want to be shown to us including the identification band.
It is understood that Seller will in no way be responsible for any veterinarian medical bills, including charges for a necropsy, or refund of any shipping charges if the bird was originally shipped to you. Buyer also understands that if the leg band is removed from the bird, the Health Guarantee is null and void. The veterinarian must reference band number with the reason why the band removed, when explaining any disease or cause of death.


Once we receive your purchase order request through e-mail, we will contact you to make arrangements. On that time will send our bank details to make payment.
(shipment starts form us after the full settlement)

Payment Options:

We accept payment through bank, cash, cheque, or money order.


Most of our birds are sold/reserved while they are being hand fed. Reservations are made by making a deposit. A deposit is non-refundable and is applied toward the total purchase price. After a chick is 3 weeks old, you may claim it with a 50%deposit.The balance may be paid in full prior to shipment or by payments where the balance is paid in full prior to pickup or shipment. Deposits are non-refundable unless the bird is undeliverable.


We are very experienced at shipping and observe every precaution to ensure that birds reach safely.

We are not only providing you quality exotic birds at reasonable price but we are also delivering you your exotic birds in your city. We deliver exotic birds only in India, we look forward to deliver you the birds within 2 days to10 days time on your e-mail conformation according to bus, train or flight facility. You just need to go to collect the pet. In flight shipping you would be required to go to the airlines cargo and would have showed your photo identity card. We would be giving you your airway bill no# and other details well in advance.

Cost of shipping may varies from airline to airline and while cost is considered in determining which airline or type of service to use,
We constraint in safety and shipping: Whenever possible non-stop or direct (not connecting) flights are selected. This may mean travelling to a more distant airport to eliminate a connection, or a late night arrival in times of extremely cold weather.

Day and time of shipping (weather permitting) is mutually agreed upon between shipper and purchaser. It is recommended that the buyer contact the cargo office at the destination airport prior to arrival to confirm actual pick-up location.

Modes of Transportation:

Hand Carry:

If the destination is below 300km we can arrange our staffs to hand carry the birds to the location. Hand carry charges will be added.

Through Bus:

We have a facility to transport the birds at any part of south India through bus services.

Through Train:

Birds like Ostrich, Emu and Pheasant varieties can be transported through Train.

Through Flight:

We can transport the birds to any location where airport facilities are good.